...::::::::::: SERVER INFORMATIONS :::::::::::...

Welcome to L2 Capitol.
High Five server,
with full of GOD Client items.
More info on Server Information.
Join our Discord for faster access with the GM staff.
Vote system with Donation Paunds as a reward and etc.

...::::::::::: NEW PLAYERS STARTING ITEMS :::::::::::...
No grade weapon and armor.
Istina Shirt.
Arias' Bracelet.
Talisman - Insanity.
Talisman - Seven Signs.
Talisman - Abundance.

...::::::::::: SERVER RATES :::::::::::...
XP Rate = 2000x
SP Rate = 2000x
Adena = 200x
Item Drop Rate = 10
Item Drop Multiplier = x3
Spoil Rate = x10
Spoil Rate Multiplier = x5
RB Drop Multiplier = x5
No Drop and Spoil level penalty.
...::::::::::: ENCHANT SERVER :::::::::::...
Safe Enchant = +5
Max Enchant Weapon = +30
Max Enchant Armor AND Jewels = +30
Scroll Enchant = 85%chance of success!
Blessed Enchant = 100% chance of success!

...::::::::::: SYSTEMS :::::::::::...
Olympiads 100%
Castle Siege 100%
Seven Signs 100%
Duel System 100%
Hero System 100%
All Balanced Classes

...::::::::::: CUSTOM ITEMS :::::::::::...
GOD Armors
GOD Talismans
GOD Epic Jawels
GOD Weapons
GOD Dragon Weapons
GOD Dyes
GOD Cloaks
GOD Bracelets
GOD Shirts
La Vie En Rose Jewels